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Rose Essential Oil

It’s officially Pisces season! The essential oil for this season is Rose oil. Some of the benefits of this oil are listed below:

Rose Oil is definitely an aphrodisiac it’s a scent for love. But it has a lot more beneficial bonuses. Our self love candle is scented with Rose as a base because it helps boost self esteem & build confidence ✨it also enhances cognitive strength, because it helps us to relieve anxiety Rose is a great essential oil for aromatherapy. As far as application; when mixed with a base such as coconut or almond oil rose is great for healing wounds and clearing acne scars. It’s also an anti infective that helps sedate inflammation. Use Rose oil for a nice massage to assist with muscle spasms as well. As far as ingesting, fresh roses are used in teas and other edible forms. They are also used in vag steams to assist with menstruation child bearing and other feminine issues inside.

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