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What People Think of You is Not Your Business

A part of self care is not caring what others think about you. I learned a long time ago that it's not my business to care what others think of me, nor is it my responsibility. It's simply a reflection of how they feel about themselves. I don't care to allow others to project onto me. Be careful who you give the time of day as well as what energy you feed into. We tend to open our spirits up to gossiping spirits, messy spirits, evil spirits, antagonistic spirits, doubting spirits and more. Don't allow others to access your spirit in that manner. Find peace within, how do you feel about you, how do you care for you? Why should someone's opinion if you matter? It's simply a reflection of them... You attract what you think, say, and feel. Feel better, think better, speak better, and say less about what others are doing. Do you!! It's time to release... Attached are some affirmations for releasing unwanted emotions as well as a guided meditation.


Guided Meditations

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Guided Meditations

Hi Everyone, I apologize I have not been logging on to do the guided meditations. I will be logging in Saturday morning as well as next Wednesday morning.


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