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Hey all for Leo season the scent is Frankincense. Leo’s are highly attracted to this scent, so if you’re dating a Leo get you something with some frankincense in it. My new balance candles will have frankincense along with some other essential oils. It has good antibacterial properties, which help prevent and treat oral (mouth-related) infections. These include bad breath, toothaches, and cavities.Frankincense has a sweet woody aroma that helps one concentrate and improve memory. It does help clear your nasal passageway while relieving congestion. Spiritually frankincense brings in a sense of peace and can be used with grounding work and connecting to the spiritual realm. Use Frankincense when doing root chakra work as well.

Butterfly Açaí _

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Hi Everyone, I apologize I have not been logging on to do the guided meditations. I will be logging in Saturday morning as well as next Wednesday morning.

Angel Tings' will be popping out at 1750 N Milwaukee Ave.

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