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Sandalwood Essential Oil Aquarius & Sandalwood

We have entered the season of Aquarius and from my studies the best essential oil for the sign of Aquarius is Sandalwood. Sandalwood brings a sense of calming to the mind, when used for aroma therapy it maintains the equilibrium which in turn provides a sense of balance.

Sandalwood & Spiritual Needs

Sandalwood helps with the enhancement of higher consciousness. It’s also known to bring a sense of inner unity; mind, body, and spirit.

Sandalwood & Health Benefits

Sandalwood has been known to help treat:

  • the common cold

  • urinary tract infections

  • liver and gallbladder problems

  • digestive problems

  • muscle problems

  • mental disorders

  • hemorrhoids

  • scabies

  • anti-inflammatory

  • manage anxiety

  • support wound healing

  • guard against skin cancer

  • fight bacteria

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